MATSUI shears are made with the best ingredients such as, the most comfortable design, ultimate sharpness: perfect for slide cutting, wet or dry, and most of all MATSUI shears are made in Japan with the high quality 440c steel.

Titanium  Rainbow Color  Thinning Sheras
Titanium Rainbow Color Thinning Sheras
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Product Description

Size: 5.5 Forged 440c Steel Titanium Color Finish Offset Handle 32 Teeth Semi-Convex Edge Made In Japan

MATSUI Guarantee 30 Day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee on MATSUI Shears! Life Time Warranty on Zeepk Shears for Manufacturers Defects. Warranty

Kinosaki MATSUI TASITAH Zeepk Zeva

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship and Material One Year Absolute Guarantee If your Zeepk shear needs tuning or sharpening for any cause, you can send it to us at any time at Zeepk Inc. 4105 Duke St Suite 106 Alexandria, VA 22304. Phone: (703)916-9100. To activate your warranty you must send the Purchased receipt and $19.99 with your shear within the first year ($10.00 for warranty activation and $9.99 shipping & handling).Once you activate your warranty, you will be able to send your Zeepk shear for unlimited sharpening service by paying only $9.99 per package for shipping and handling. Zeepk also propose the finest fidelity sharpening available for all other brands of shears for only $25.00 per shear (plus $9.99 shipping and handling per package) your fine shears are guaranteed to be returned instantly and cutting to your complete satisfaction. --------------------------------Cut and enclose this portion with your Zeepk shear----------------------- Name: ________________________ Salon: _____________________ Email: ______________ Address: _________________________________ City: _________ State: _____ Zip: ________ Phone: _____________________________ Other Phone: _______________________________ Payment: Check__ or Credit Card__ CC # _________________________________ Exp: _____ Any Instructions: _______________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Important Note: This Warranty is valid for all the above brands. Only shears that have been serviced exclusively by our authorized service center will retain their Life time Warranty.