Zeepk Skin care tool Comedone extractor Kit 8 in 1

 Zeepk Skin care tool Comedone extractor Kit 8 in 1
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Product Description

Zeepk Comedone extractor Kit 8 in 1 Our most wanted professional 8 in 1 comedone extractor kit with puleather case. Zeepk is the only manufacturer of this unique hard to find blackhead and whitehead removal kit. high quality Japanese stainless steel.8 extractors with one bar, a beautiful gift for professionals and home consumers. This kit contains double loop extractor, single loop extractor, fine loop extractor, with 3 lancets in different sizes. All extractors can be fixed to the bar and used according to need. Excellent choice of Professional Aestheticians to remove deep, superficial blackheads and white heads. Use our tools after a steamy shower, facial sauna or use a hot towel to open pores. Get this kit now, we assure you will enjoy working with our skin care tools.

How to use Zeepk Comedo Extractor/Comedone extractor/Zeepk Blackhead Extractor to get rid of blackheads,pimples and comedones. Pesky blackheads are a mixture of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria that builds up inside our skinís pores. Use the same tools as professional aestheticians or dermatologists use to extract blackheads, pimples & clogged pores. Using our Blackhead Extractor is the safest, most ideal way to remove them without damaging your skin. They can be exterminated by using a quality professional comedone extractor. Huh? Yes, a comedone extractor like Zeepk Comedone extractor Blackhead Remover. First, lay a warm, wet washcloth on your face for a few minutes. After a shower is an ideal time to extract.steaming the face, or using a hot water compress is strongly recommended to help soften comedones.This will make them much easier to remove. When you're ready to begin the extraction process lay the looped side on top of the blackhead - basically encircling this area with the loop. Apply slow and even pressure lightly until the trapped sebum is forced out of the follicle. The blackhead ó oil and all ó will ooze up and out of the pore. Do not continue to attempt the extraction if the trapped sebum is not released easily. Applying too much force can cause infection and scarring.When piercing a whitehead with lancet (Pointed end), wait until the whitehead breaks open, then gently roll the tool over the whitehead. Be sure to disinfect the area when finished and clean your tool off with alcohol or hot water.A deep, cystic pimple should not be opened with the lancet. When dealing with deep acne, it's best to visit a dermatologist. A doctor may use a sterile needle, but only after a pustule has formed. Additional treatments depend on the severity of the acne. Always use Professional quality tools for your skin rather than buying cheaper and lower quality implements.