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Clubman Bump Repair Gel 4 oz.

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Ready. Set. Repair. CLUB MEND, unclogs pores, heals irritated skin and prevents scarring. Eases razor burn, shave bumps and ingrown hairs, while leaving your neck and face looking good...

NO FUZZ: Gel formula means no cotton balls...
NO BUMPS: Powerful Salicylic Acid & Panthenol stop ingrown hairs...
DESTROYS: Bacteria fighting formula dissolves impurities that block pores...
PICK YOUR SPOT: Use as treatment for trouble spots...

DIRECTIONS: Wash your face and hands. Squeeze CLUB MEND into your palms. To use as an all-over treatment: massage into your face and neck. To use as a spot treatment: apply to affected area twice a day. DO NOT APPLY TO OPEN WOUNDS, BLEMISHES OR CUTS. Do not dry off, it will absor